Vitamin D

It’s amazing what the sun can do for you. Here in SoCal, no matter where you are reading this from, you probably have heard about our record-setting “winter”. And I’m going to be honest with you, I really don’t know for sure if it was record-setting, but we got a whole bunch of rain. Lots and lots, and lots! of it. There were floods and mudslides, damaged properties..

So much rain. But still not as much as we need to get out of this drought – we are excitedly close though.. But after today, it feels like we won’t see rain again for another 9 months. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind another winter like this, 1) to get out of this drought and 2) because it finally felt like winter!

But seriously, today reminded me of a New England March for a moment.. one day it was barely in the 60s, chilly – dry cold air I tell you! Then all of a sudden, BAM! Never mind the past few days, but today was almost 90! I went from goosebumps to profusely sweating in a matter of days.

But for reals, how amazing was the weather today!? It was warm thats for sure, but it was so perfect with the breeze.. So long as you weren’t in literal direct sunlight for longer than 10 min, you didn’t feel hot. I, however, was running around all day with my daddio, who is still in town for a few more days, which amounted to all my sweating.

But days like today remind me of the beauty of.. weather. The sudden changes, as much as my sinuses hate them, make me so appreciative of the rainy days, and how a hot cappuccino feels. And also warm sunny days like today – it’s really a euphoric feeling amiright?! How many of us could lie on a grassy knoll all day with the sun warm on your face and never move until it sets.. Vitamin D is better than any drink or smoke I tell ya!

Oh it was just such a great day.. even all the driving for 8hours.. you heard me.. EIGHT. I didn’t mind it at all today. It was just so wonderful to share the sun with my dad (especially since the last two times I saw him it was cold and raining!). Sigh.. as I type this,  the sun has finished setting, but it really makes me look forward to tomorrow 🙂




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