Perception {draft}

I’ve written about perception before.. stating how life is what WE see of it.. and in reality there are many perceptions. Like the example of a car accident. 5 people witness it – you get 5 stories. But the thing about reality is.. there are still underlying truths and constants that we can’t deny. So in this car accident for example, the 5 people will tell you how they saw or perceived it. However, one thing is fact – there was a car accident. One car hit another.

We’ve come to a point where we only care how WE see things vs how things actually are. We care only about what WE believe vs what the truths behind the situation are. Someone doesn’t like you – you can tell yourself all day long that “One day we’ll be happy, one day they will appreciate me”. That’s great – we can’t survive without hope, however, be careful lying to yourself. Because you can’t change others. We can only change ourselves. So, of course, is it possible that person may one day be like, “oh gosh, you are great!” Of course! Anything is possible right!? But you can’t negate the PROBABLE.

Fact is this person does not like you.. For whatever reason. Whatever THEIR perception is of the situation doest matter, just like your hope.. fact right now is they don’t like you. The end.

And of course, I’m not telling anyone to give up on their hopes and dreams but you just have to accept the facts that come with them.

So be mindful of when you fall into conversations of, “well I see” or “I think” or “I feel”.. Because, that’s great! But it doest take away the facts of whatever the situation holds.



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