no post left behind

Oh gosh.. have you ever looked into your drafts and thought, “OMGAHH why didn’t I post that?! or even, “OMGAHH what the heck was I thinking writing that?!

well I have a couple of those, about 4 of them to be exact. One I find interesting, another I want to post although I think it’s unfinished, and the other two I’m still questioning.

But I figure since I plan to post for another 24 days, I might as well dust them off and share. I will preface them with a (draft) before hand because again, some feel unfinished. And it’s not that I’m NOT proud of them, but more so, I’m so far removed now from when I started, I don’t want to disappoint Posh from the past and try and adjust with my ideas or feelings of now.

So for those on this 31 day post journey, I hope you enjoy those drafts to come – for those who may read backwards, maybe you thought those unfinished drafts were amazing anyway! 🙂

P.s. went to my favorite vegan/vegetarian place for dinner tonight for some soup and good eats to comfort my sickies, and also for a Dragon Shot – Resistance for immunity – love those elixirs!




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