so fresh and so clean, clean

So, I don’t know about you, but I just took my Christmas tree down today.. true statement.

This funk I’ve been in also has led to, what looks like a Hoarders episode.. Ugh I can’t even explain the grossness. Like, how did this happen?! I literally deep-cleaned my entire place from top to bottom.. it took me three hours.

Why am I sharing this via blog you ask? Because you know that feeling of getting out of the shower and into clean sheets? Yah, the most wonderful feeling in the whole world? I haven’t been able to feel it yet Lol 😀 Because just as I was clean and sparkly from my shower, one of my most favorite people called me, and I was off having to miss my bed. 

But for reals, maybe it’s my OCD, but anytime I clean, and this time in particular, man do I feel like a whole new person. I also missed my Saturday run for all this cleaning, but I think my back hurts more from cleaning than from my runs!

Point is, it’s been a good, clean, day – it’s almost like now that my home is clean and “new” I have more hope and motivation in myself. I’m not quite sure what was in me to finally tear down the dirt and grime and dig elbows deep to sanitize, dust, and even scrub the oven! Because I’ll tell you right now, it was not part of my day plans.. I was planning on running, so of course I cleaned in my work-out gear since I never made to the track. 

If I could just slap my own ass into cleaning, I can do it with other things to keep me happy and healthy. Also, I can’t believe how much I shed! If I have the patience to clean up that much hair and keep finding it in every crevice of the apartment, then I think I’m ready for a pup. 🙂



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