Sunday Vibes

Ok, I know, I lied a little lol.

I really did mean to dive right back in the writing world – to be honest, I need it. I need to get better – for myself. I love putting words and ideas on paper but I still have a lot of work to do in order to express myself properly.. Not only that, I need it for myself – even at this very moment, I am kicking myself bc just these few words on this screen are releasing emotions I have missed.

But this post isn’t about my lies – lol

I wanted to share just how lovely this Sunday has been.

I woke up to raindrops outside – the sweet, rhythmic sound of those small, little H2O pieces of joy, tapping at my window. It was late for me, about 10:30am. I was slightly shocked, but also relieved that my body allowed me this time to recover from the past week. This is a rare occasion.. Even on the most stressful of days/weeks, I can’t sleep past 7am. Weekends especially,  there is breakfast to be had, errands to run!

But today, I was happily awakened by a piece of nature that I adore so much. I was cozy and warm, with my white, fluffy comforter and festive sheets. Face-up in a pile of pillows with what little light was coming through the window. A relaxed sense of my surroundings, calm, and comforting.. like fall in New England.. all I was missing was a warm beverage.

From that point on, the rest of my day has been nothing but wonderful. Brunch at one of my favorite places, my favorite latte, and then some small errands.

But really, nothing beats this mornings feeling – I’m so glad its still a little drizzly and cloudy.. It’s helping make this feeling last through the 4pm hour, and hopefully until sunset.

Hope you all have also had a wonderful Sunday so far.. It’s days like today that really slap the blessings in your face. A soft slap, lol, like clouds. I’m pretty grateful on a daily basis, but I do love these moments of affirmation, these small reminders of how amazing simple pleasures can be.

Stay blessed my friends ❤