The prodigal blogger

Dear internet friends and fellow readers.. for those who still read..

I am back! sort of – it’s strange really, one day my brain just started flooding with ideas to write about – Everyday issues in an array of topics.. It’s like the past 7 mo I was having writers block and I cleaned out my ears to let some light into my brain.

Hopefully those who I enjoyed blogging with are still out there in interweb-verse. I feel behind in my reading too.. Not sure why it is now, though, that I was slapped with this emotion, idea, wonderment, and an urge to type again.. but I’ll take it.

Even this sad min intro-post – it’s terrible really lol, but I had to reach out and prepare you for what is to come.

Will it all be interesting, fulfilling, even well-written? Probably not – lol – but I do hope to get conversation out there again with everyday challenges and my perspective on this life’s journey of making every day better for us all.

Hope you all have been well, I’m looking forward to a few new posts soon and get these blog posts rollin’.

till next time,





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