so many parts and pieces!

Wholly Molies!

Ok, so in looking back and re-reading my last two posts.. I may have been being over-dramatic, haha! Or maybe I just see things in a different perspective now.

Anyway.. I was just chatting with a friend earlier, on this Easter weekend, and I finally said out loud what I had been thinking and feeling the past, what 4 months now, but was sort of afraid to admit because with all good there comes bad again, it’s that “roller coaster” I’ve been talking about. But it came out. I said to her (not in exact verbatim) “Honestly, I’ve been praying every night thanking God over how amazing the past 4 months have been. Seriously, even with some of the dips in the road, they don’t bring down the big picture. Maybe I’m just seeing things in a different perspective, but thank you to whoever is up stairs, because I couldn’t be happier.”

Of course my friend was happy to hear those words, especially after how “horrific” (goodness) the Holiday’s were for me. But that really is how I have been feeling. I can’t go over all the excitement and good news with you readers just yet, as (like my title indicates) there are still too many moving parts and pieces shimmying about that honestly, it may still be too soon to even be excited.. Haha, because, the pieces involve all, and I mean ALL, aspects of my life. (SO MANY THINGS HAPPENING!) Even a potential big move! Eek! But opportunity and positive energy has surrounded me since January, so for that I am thankful.

But again, I am (which I feel like I need to learn to relax a little) still holding up a wall in preparation of a hammer coming through it – not for renovation, but demolition. Isn’t that just life?! Just when you think life is going ok.. BAM.

So part of me is scared, because really these past few months have been too good to be true. And don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of obstacles in my way to get to where I’m headed, but that’s not what is scaring me. Strange – it’s like I’m expecting a huge blow.. I obviously hope that is not the case.. and even so, if that’s what I’m headed into, I guess I’m ready for it. I always just get this pinch in my emotions when I start feeling over-confident and over-positive. Like what am I missing?! What’s in the fine print?!

Phew! Anyway, I’m excited. There’s so much to look forward to this year. And I’m hoping the magic continues so I can shares some deets with you readers!

Until then.. I’ll just keep picking up and moving parts and pieces!



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