oops.. part II

Ok so where we left of last.. (if anyone is still reading.. haha) my poor coaster car was broken down and pissing me off. Haha that deserves an lol – did I do that right?!

Anyway, as mentioned, I’m writing again, thankfully in a better place and my coaster car is at least going to get worked on. There is someone I love who lives a life with the idea of “Nice guys/girls might finish last, but they still finish..” and “A corvette may beat a prius at first, but eventually, the prius will catch up.” The old tortoise and hare.. I think you get the idea.. This person believes in a slow and steady process in life.. and recently, this has come to fruition.

I have realized, even with my life-answer-demanding personality, that even those answers sometimes come slow.. If you are a spiritual or religious type, as I am, you see this as well. Prayers, and answers from God, or the Universe, or both even.. None of that is instant, you have to wait. Patience is a virtue, is it not? How many times have I discussed that? Or even just mention that? I’d be rich if I counted.. Funny though, even with knowing that, it’s very difficult to bring to reality.

And now, what I’m going to hate to write is – that this slow and steady life process doesn’t necessarily get you what you WANT in life.. It just gets you the answers to get you to where you, I guess ‘need’ to go? Or should go, or well, just the answer I guess.. we all make the decisions for ourselves based on answers. I mentioned this in my last post, the idea of, ‘I don’t care what the answer is, I just want to know so I can make a decision and do something.

So I guess my point in all this is, I’m in a better place thankfully.. I can see the workers coming towards my car to fix it, or at least tell me if it’s broken for good, and to get off and start walking.. A good friend wrote to me “It’s hard and a struggle, but faith and patience will take you there.” Faith and Patience. Faith and Patience. Pretty much – wait and believe. Because even in that tortoise and hare story – slow and steady.. the underdog still finishes.. ’till next time,