who knew!?

I never thought I’d say this..

But man that last post was filled with some angst. Hahaha.. Oh well, this post may not be any different..

..In the explanation of cycles!

We all have them, it’s the life roller coaster effect.. up & down. Up & down. Tax time comes every year.. The holidays make us penniless until then.. etc. It’s every year, or every month if your a woman.. can I get an lol?! (<<that was some lame humor right there, HA! I apologize)

But what I really thought I would never say.. Is that.. I miss having a routine. WHAT!? I know right?! For a girl who loves to teeter at the end of my comfort zone and live in a whirlwind of possibility, this is crazy-talk.

Let me tell you a little story:

This recent routine-missing, if I can even call it one, is one of health.. and boy can I not stand it! Anything can happen.. I sneeze, I’m stressed, I hiccup, I lose my routine. I never thought I’d even enjoy a routine until I had one! When I first moved to SoCal, it took me about a month or two to settle in, get a job, find an apartment.. the works. I then got a gym membership, found my nearest Trader Joes, and continued the life I once loved. Full of good wholesome food, an active lifestyle, and weekends to have fun. It was almost perfect.. I worked, came home, ate a small dinner, sometimes napped, headed to the gym, went to bed.. I did this about 3-4 days a week. I squeezed in some 5-day workout weeks in there when I was feeling wild! I was finally running like normal and reaching small goals. My roommate at the time even forced me out the door into the sand where I started playing the love of my life, volleyball, again.

That created an even better routine! I now could alleviate some work days and workout on Saturday and/or Sunday depending on plans. Volleyball motivated me to work out that extra day even if it was just a 30min run.

And then! Somewhere in July, I fractured my thumb.. arghhhh! I tried to be good, but I made an attempt to play twice in August, which did not help the matter.. and I am still out of volleyball commission. I’m out for the season! 😦

But during the healing in August.. I started running more, so I was compensating my time out on the sand with time on the treadmill.. Not overly exciting, but I was still getting my workout on and pushing more running goals.

September rolled around and I visited New England, gave myself anxiety over the boyf’s birthday, and kind of tumbled off the wagon. When October hit, fall was in the air, and I wanted to get back on that horse of a wagon! So I went back to my second favorite workout, Bikram Yoga. LOVE. Well.. yah.. that worked out for two weeks, then work got crazy prepping for the holidays, and I found myself in the midst of stress-induced headaches, stress-eating, and terrible sleeping patterns. It didn’t help that I was also in the interview process for a job I really wanted and was losing my brain over that too. All that and getting the stomach flu last week. (I got the job btw! WHOOP! I start on Monday! Which is another possible cause of stress.)

Anyway, here I am.. back in the bottom of this terrible life-cycle. And I know the previous paragraph is filled with excuses, but for some reason, when I’m off a ‘routine’ I almost feel pushed down. Like, womp womp.. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! I would love to say, ‘I can’t wait to be back on a work-workout-home cycle again’ but really, will that ever happen again? I feel like every time I find myself in one.. it’s smooth sailing for all of three months then something crazy happens.. like a thumb fracture!

At this point, I am focusing on my diet, and putting that back to normal.. Got to keep that mac n cheese on the weekends! Especially with Thanksgiving breathing down my neck, my diet will be important before the food-baby event. I also am trying new workouts. Like my efforts at pilates tonight for the first time. A nice 15min beginner class.. WHAT?! My entire core hurts already! 15 minutes?! Yup, can’t wait to do it again! I realized in the past month, if I switch up my workouts, I am way more susceptible to keep working out even if its 2-3 days a week.. If I can make it through the Holidays, I can make it through anything I tell you.

Oh and did I mention I’m meeting the boyf’s fam for Christmas.. Oh yah. Stress-eating should commence in about 3 more weeks.. I’ll be back at square one in no time. AH!


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