birthday love.

It’s officially been 4 months now in California. Im a few days late in my anniversary, but its because I was too busy celebrating the

The day I was born.

My mother, every year mind you, either calls or texts me on my birthday right around the actual time of birth and tells me she has stomach pains. I can’t make this stuff up. It makes me laugh every year and this year was even better because with her still being on the East Coast, she texted me 3 hours early. And I say early, not just because of the time difference, but because I was born in San Diego, so therefore, my birthday is technically on PST time which I never really noticed till now. She was amused when I mentioned it, and just responded with “Well the pain will last at least 2 hours or more.” Oh mother..

My birthday is usually at least a week-long extravaganza, sometimes month-long, depending on the birthday. This year its just a 3 and a 2, so nothing too spectacular, but it still deserved a week 🙂

The thing with my birthday, which is why I make such a big deal out of it, is that it is two days before Valentine’s day. For many, you may be thinking, “Amazing! Double the gifts!” But for those who share a birthday next to any major Holiday will know how annoying it is. What’s worse is that Christmas babies, Easter babies, even 4th of July babies, at least have REAL holidays to compete with. I, on the other hand, get this fabricated fake-love, reason-to-buy-me-gifts-that-are-meaningless – but-buy-them-anyway-so-there-are-no-fights, “holiday”. I stopped ‘celebrating’ (if you can call it that) Valentine’s day after the 6th grade when handing out valentines started ruining my birthday.

Every year, every birthday, even the important ones like 18, 21, and 30 have been postponed, moved, delayed, or I get a whole lot of late guests because of dinner plans, or valentine’s plans. I’m sorry, I get ONE. ONE freakin day a year to myself like everyone else, and I get it that I have to share it with this fake-love crap, but c’mon.. people still celebrate on the 15th too because dinner reservations are booked. So why ruin MY day!? I honestly feel for the people born on the 14th.. I was almost one of them, but thankfully I was impatient and got out two days early.. because do people with valentine’s birthdays actually ever celebrate their day of birth!? And even worse.. to re-iterate, its not even a REAL holiday!

Ugh, so in essence, my mother learned quick to stop wrapping birthday gifts in red and pink hearts. And stopped giving me “Valentine’s Birthday” cards. I also learned. I have a few December birthdays that I take extra special care of and send an actual birthday card and birthday present to. Because it’s their ONE day of the year too.

I mean, I don’t care when your birthday is, or even if you like birthdays. In the end, everyone, even those who say they don’t like birthdays, appreciate having one special day where people wish them luck, good will, love, or whatever other wishes of happiness there may be. And all these wishes are only that one person. As sad as it may sound, some people only receive recognition on their birthday.. And I know there are multiple people born on the same day, I share mine with a distant cousin, Abe Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Christina Ricci, Arsenio Hall, Bill Russell (Go C’s!) Judy Blume, and even one of my ex’s sisters.. But even still, it’s one day, one of the the most important days of our lives, and arguably THE most important day.. the day we graced this world with our presence. The day we were given the opportunity to be a part of life. If that isn’t reason to celebrate, then I don’t know what is.

So be mindful of holiday birthdays, and all birthdays for that matter, because we only have one.. just like this life. Every year that goes by where you can celebrate another, is a celebration in itself.


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