3 months

I have been in California for three months now. Three. It feels like I’ve been here for years.

I have a job, my own little place, an amazing roommate, and I’ve even had a few sad rom com experiences with the male-kind. Everyday I wake up amazed at myself that I actually did this. I moved, 3-thousand miles away, (technically between 2,998 and 3,117mi depending on the route) and although I have family here, I had nothing else. I moved away from the only adult life I knew, the only cultures I’ve been accustomed to, and moved away form the only lifestyle that I thought mattered. I came here with no plan other than to survive. No job, no place to live.. a couple thousand in my pockets, and wide eyes. And I did this all at 31.

I was criticized by some, and I know I’m still criticized my many. But thankfully I have faith in myself, which is the only faith I need, and I made a life for myself. In three months.

In these three months I have already created my pros and cons list of the two worlds I come from. I honestly struggle everyday to figure out how I feel about them both and which ‘life’ is meant to be. I know neither place is necessarily better than the other, just different. Even so, I love both places and I am learning a lot about myself.. which really was the main reason why I moved.. to be away from everything I thought I knew and learn something new.

Here are a few things I’ve learned so far, and some things I always knew..

SoCal is more than LA and Hollywood.

California does have seasons.. it just depends where you are in the state to experience them.

In California, the beach culture is amazing.

Sadly, in a state where cultures thrive, the people are surprisingly not nearly as friendly as New England folk.. or as knowledgable of cars.

The gentlemen are in New England.

One thing I absolutely love about SoCal is that there are no societal expectations. People follow dreams here.

One thing I absolutely love about New England are the people.

I love both because there is a piece of me on each coast; one is my sunrise and one is my sunset. But one thing is for sure.. I came to a place that had no expectations of me, I came here with nothing.. and with barely 14 weeks under my belt I feel like I have everything.. except Bradley Cooper. But I’m sure that is just bound to happen.. I mean it’s only been three months.


6 thoughts on “3 months

  1. Awesome! More power to you girl. I did the same I packed up and moved 900miles away from everything I knew, from NY to Atlanta. The weather is nicer here however Southern hospitality isn’t all that I thought it would be. My lifestyle has changed tremendously, I’m more of a homebody now, I only work part time, I am my best friend and I havent dated since I have been here. I can totally relate to your experience, thanks for sharing it will help in getting me back on the path to follow my dreams.
    Simply Jyune

    • of course! i truly believe “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” its never going to be easy, but it’s better to experience and learn rather than never know. Good luck to you!

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