the new tswift: blogger-style.

So Taylor Swift came out with an awesome new single this past week.. which honestly I hated when I first heard it, but it then grew on me, and now it’s on repeat ALL the time. One small controversy that came out with this new single, other than the fact that its 100% pop which upsets me, is the question of “WHO IS THE SONG ABOUT?!”

If you read any kind of periodical, or watch any portion of the news, you know that historically, Ms. Tswift sings about guys she has dated, loved, crushed, and so on.. So of course, once a new song comes out, no one cares about the catchy hook, or the lyrical melodies. The only thought running through peoples minds.. their sad, sad, minds, is “Who is the damn song about?!” Speculation is all over the radio, and even making headlines on magazines. Well, I say to you.. Who freakin cares?!

First of all, Tswift is winning here, because no matter who everyone thinks she’s singing about, she is the only one who knows. Even if she states it publicly, she is still winning because she can lie about it people! It might even be about a friends situation! Ever think of that!? Artists have one goal. To tell a story. So whether it is about family, friends, or your weekend at the beach, its all about the story. Not the people. I read in a book, that was written for writers, a piece of advice: (not verbatim) “Do not be concerned with the family or people involved in a story, its only about the story that you wanted to write.” The only people that matter, are those involved.. if they even know who they are.

I say that because, apparently I have become the new Tswift: blogger-style. I write about my life, about peoples lives, and everyday happenings. Recently I posted about my most recent break-up and a small portion of the aftermath. And although in much of the post, it relates to my most current relationship, a lot of the post was also about other issues I have had in previous relationships because it all tied-in so nicely. What is also interesting about it, is that not everyone who read it assumed my boyfriend and I had broken up. Either way, why do I need to explain that to people? All forms of  artistry whether it be art, writing, theatre, or song, is all left to ones perception or interpretation. So no matter what is presented, it will be viewed differently based on the eyes that see it. Or ears that hear it!

And anyway, even if I didn’t write about you, or Tswift didn’t sing about you, we still talked about you behind your back! So wouldn’t you rather a story be told eloquently, well written, or with a melody.. vs angry talk with out you knowing? Lastly, for those who still think they are the sole piece of attention in anyones writing, song, or painting.. I’ll let Carly Simon sing it to you:

“You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you..
You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you. Don’t you?”  -Carly Simon


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