blockage and bras.

I’m having bloggers-block.

I assume this is a real thing.. I mean if writers can get blocked, bloggers can too. We are a form of writing, after all.. So this blog is pretty much about the ‘nonsense’ I mentioned in my “about me” page. I figure writing nonsense is better than not writing at all. At least it keeps my blog fresh, considering I haven’t blogged in almost a month!

Lets start with my morning.. I woke up fairly early and headed to the laundry mat. I was driving in absolutely gorgeous weather with my windows down, my hair in a wild frenzy, some New Direction and Maroon 5 on the radio.. A blanket of sun was covering every inch of the highway.. it was beautiful. And then.. I’m parked. And come to find out, I forgot my hangers, detergent, bleach, and dryer sheets. But “Live with Kelly!” is on! and Joel McHale is guest hosting.. LOVE him! Saw him live once, at a super classy place called the Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach. [insert sarcasm here] But this detergent/hanger/bleach/dryer sheets situation was not fixing itself, and I was not planning on driving all the way home again.. Or maybe I should have! The drive alone would have been worth it. Well I didn’t. Instead, I spent $4.50 on three packets of detergent, a packet of bleach, and two packets of dryer sheets. I then drove over to Target while my clothes were in the wash and spent another $7 on hangers, and $2 on a breakfast sandwich from the cafe. $11 is probably more than the gas I would have used to drive home. (I don’t count breakfast, because I would have spent that anyway) Oh well, it made for a neat little adventure to Target and more time outside.

As the Nate Berkus show starts to come on, my laundry is drying and I’m swiftly folding clothes into neat little piles. Theres a wonderful cross-breeze coming through the doors, and I love when my hair starts blowing in a whirl-wind sort of way, I feel like I’m in a music video.. or hair product commercial, which ever makes me look more fantastic.

If you are still reading at this point, good for you! Im sure your excited to find out what happens next!

After all the suspense.. I took my laundry and drove it back home. After my 3 trips from my car to the apartment, (I had hanging items too) I decide to change. I really wasn’t feeling my first outfit of the day. I figure I’ll stick with my distressed denim shorts, a regular summer staple, but just find a more comfortable top. I was wearing a bright orange tank with a beach scene and palm trees screen-prtinted on it, and a convertible nude bra that I made into a razor-back so my straps would be hidden. Oh don’t you worry, my bra is an important ingredient in the outfit salad of my day.. This bra that I was wearing, is a regular undergarment that is not meant to be seen. However, for some reason, on my right side, and my right side only, (trust me, I checked the left!) said bra was just chillin saying hello to people! I had a small moment of embarrassment knowing I had been running around all morning looking like that. Rather than question the quality of my tank, I decided to just find a better option of both items all together. I decided to try something new and exciting. I have never done this before, so I was somewhat thrilled at the outfit-experience I’m about to describe. I chose a multi-colored bandeau-style concert bra in blue and berry tones. I set it to a razor-back-look like my last bra, and paired it with a berry colored loose tank that has a little pocket on the left side like a tee-shirt. Now, you might be sitting there wondering, CONCERT bra? Yes. Working in a bra and undie store, who apparently were the first to advertise these things in the mall, I know a lot about them. Think about it, someone out there sat down and thought up an idea for a CONCERT bra. Here is an informal definition below.

Concert Bra: N. A bra made to wear at concerts and festivals that is made in a bathing-suit-type material that resembles a top for matters of thunderstorms, rain, or potential mud-sliding. This ‘bra’ is MEANT TO BE SEEN. Made in three known styles: bandeau, bustier, and triangle top.

You heard me. This bra can say hello to people all it wants because it is meant to be a top. Do we remember these from Madonna’s old days?! Bra-tops.. Really now? Well my concert bra is more of an accessory rather than a bra or a top. But it did alleviate my last ‘regular’ bra’s issue of being seen when it was not supposed to. I mean, c’mon now, this concert bra can be seen by people and no one will think I’m strange. Or at least thats the idea.

After this personal struggle of the seen, or not to be seen bra, my day continued with another lovely drive, this time, to B&N. Or as most people call it, Barnes and Noble. After getting out of my car, again in the gorgeous weather, shoulders bare, with my bra meaning to be seen, it was like I had turned into the hippie I always wanted to be. I was so excited about this new experience, I had to text a friend about it.

So as you can see, this was the highlight of my day. And here I am, still at B&N typing away at nonsense and a newfound interest in concert bras. Im so hip now. Hopefully my evening consists of something more interesting and maybe my blogging-block will end and I can type about something a little more entertaining. Or at least life changing.. or humorous, I’ll take humorous. Not like this piece wasn’t hysterical enough.


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