keep your eyes on the prize..

hello friends!

Today, like many days, I realize something new. My realization today was nothing really profound, just another pat on the back, and Glee-like motivation to continue to reach beyond what is in front of me. If you get a moment, and you are open to reading about life and matters of faith, please read this Blog: and you may see what I’m talking about.

This Blog, as Religious as it may seem, has taught me a few things. Honestly, I first started following AdoptingJames, not because I knew what they were blogging about, but because they followed me. I find that its respectful to follow bloggers who follow me, so long as I can relate. After further reading the blog, however, I learned so many new ways of looking at things. I have found strength in everyday obstacles and learned not be afraid of talking about my faith.

The reason why I’m talking about this particular blog post is because, 1: you’ll see a quote below that I extracted that I want to chat about, and 2: really, I just wanted to share with my friends because I know I’m not the only one feeling like this right now. No matter what religion you are, or what faith you carry, I feel like this message can be understood by all. Here is the excerpt:

“May we never take our eyes off of what’s to come, because when you’re pulled down by the mundane babblings of the cashier working next to you, you can offer a word of encouragement that something better is outside that retail store. Keep your eyes fixed on Heaven, and you won’t be able to help but speak about it with everyone you know. God knows that you’re not happy where you are (and sorry Mr. Olstene, but God isn’t concerned about our best life now), but He knows that there is a greater Life waiting for you on the other side of this world, and we should all be living for it each moment” -

This excerpt was towards the end of the post, but the post itself talks about feeling STUCK in a situation. its a good read I tell you. The reason why this portion of the post really hit me was because, if you know what I do for a living, the “babblings of the cashier working next to you” happens EVERYDAY! The other reason, more importantly, that hit me was the continuing line “you can offer a word of encouragement that something better is outside that retail store”

I do that everyday. I am the cheerleader at work. I’m a supporter, a friend, a motivator. Not to totally brag about myself, 🙂 but I have stopped people from quitting out of mere explanation of what they mean to me at work. Not only what they mean to me, but what they mean to this job, and what they are capable of doing. This job may not be what we do forever, but it is our job to learn from it and create experiences to help us further. Aside from work, I also help the people I work with understand that learning from your mistakes is not always the best way, but learning from OTHERS mistakes sometimes is more effective. In what I do for work, there comes a point where you do feel “stuck” so it is so coincidental that this blog popped up today when my co-worker and I had this EXACT conversation yesterday! We feel stuck, “comfortable” in other words, and feel like there is no way out. Its easy to stay where you are, no effort, no challenge. A wonderful friend of mine posted on FB one day “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. I felt then as I do now, that if we all think that way, we will never become stagnant.

This blog post, talks about stepping out and reaching higher. Looking ahead and looking for support from others. I know not everyone who reads this post will correlate Heaven with what is out there for them, but the message of knowing that we can be stronger than those that keep us down is marvelous. There IS more to this life.  Ive always had this strange feeling that the minute I’m not searching for something, life is over. Not necessarily, OVER, over, but I question, have I done EVERYTHING I can?! I mean, even in my own life, there are many people who think my dreams and aspirations are silly, but I keep trying, and finding more clever ways to get there. Because for me, I DO believe God has a greater plan for me. I feel as though I am meant to help people in a non-traditional way. I am a great mentor to many, and knowing that even if I helped only one person this whole time, its one person more than if I didn’t try at all. And sure, we all get STUCK at some point, heck, I AM stuck right now! But knowing there is a way out should be motivation enough to keep your head up and eyes focused.

As far as work and life is concerned, I plan to continue to be that cheerleader for those who are stuck. As I mentioned, I am also stuck.  Many who know me, know that. And honestly, always being the motivator sometimes leads me forget to motivate myself. The things I read in this post.. I have found myself saying to people! Strangely, however, why have I stopped saying them to myself?!  This post, couldn’t have shown up in my inbox at a better time.

Again, if you have the time to read it, I definitely recommend it. If not, you’ll be hearing about it from me anyway 🙂 And I know I’m promoting a blog right now, but don’t forget to keep reading mine! 🙂


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