why hello there 2012.. lets not go so fast this time..

note: new year, new blog! I had a lot of trouble with my last blog, so I now have WordPress. So for the 5 or 7 of you ūüėČ who follow me, I hope you can continue to follow me here! I am in the process of moving over my older blogs.. hopefully I can catch on quick and get everything in order.

On another note, I’m seriously slacking on this blogging thing.. holiday season has a different meaning where I work..¬†it’s called: no life.¬†But now that I, and those who worked hard with me, have survived.. I’m back in action!

Now on to the post..

If I could get even just a penny for every time someone says how fast this year went, I’d ¬†able to blog for a job. All I want to do is remind these people that they say that EVERY year. Mind you, I am also victim to this fascination of how “fast” time is, but I caught myself this year.. which is why I want to discuss it.

As every new year passes we wonder where it all went.. and we try to keep new resolutions. Just as fast as we break those resolutions, we blink and start asking for spring, summer, that vacation we planned, the semester to end,  and even Christmas again.

We all go back to work after the holiday season and can’t wait till 5p hits, or 6p or whatever time we need to be “free” again. And nevermind the workdays, we also have the weekends.. we get to Sunday, and then Monday comes, and we are already pushing for the next weekend. We keep looking to tomorrow.

WE are what’s making time go by so fast.

Have we ever thought about that?! I know there are several sayings about taking it a day at a time, and so on.. but do we actually pay attention to them?

I mean what if we actually DID savor every minute of every day.. every moment.. would the year seem so fast then? I know work seems longer.. but would a ‘longer’ YEAR be so bad?

Heck.. I would still be savoring turning 30, not being worried about turning 31.

Which comes to my partial New Years resolution..

Really and Truly take every minute, every moment, every day.. and  s a v o r  it.

We constantly forget that there may not be a ‘tomorrow’ for us. We forget that the wedding day can’t come without today, and that summer can’t come without spring first.

Lets not forget this 2012 – that Today makes Tomorrow.

With all the Mayan predictions, we may not even have a 2013. And if we survive yet another apocalypse, wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate another new year thinking, ¬†finally! We made it! And be thankful for it? Rather than asking what happened in this blur called 2012?

We need¬†to stop waiting for the day to end, because no matter your beliefs,¬†that’s another day less that we have here. We need¬†to not ‘wait’ for our vacation, but instead enjoy this time before hand to remind ourselves why we are taking it in the first place.

We need to stop being sad that summer is over and be happy that we were able to simply experience it.. and be more excited that we are able to experience fall..

Lets not make this year go too fast. Enjoy now. Stop staring at the clock. There could be a car accident in your future.. do you really want to rush to get there? I know I don’t.

Share with me this New Year of TODAY, and cherish now what you may not have Tomorrow.