a little bit of Boston history..

In two weeks, Glee rocked my socks off.. and history was made in the city of Boston.
No, not because i was closer to Cory Monteith (on that fateful Tuesday night in June), than i will probably ever be again, but because our very own Boston Bruins defeated Monteiths hometown Canucks to win the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1972.  As much as it saddens me to know Cory must have been thoroughly upset, and seeing the vancouver fans annihilate their own city.. esp because, if i can note, im not even a huge hockey fan.. the Celtics are my boys, but i have friends who are die hard Bruins fans, still even with that said, i was once again proud to be a Boston fan.
Now, Ive seen several championships in the past 10 years.. seeing as how Boston has won 7: Patriots: 3, Red Sox: 2, Celtics: 1.. and now the Bruins.. but in all that time and excitement, i never got to experience a parade. Until now.
I have several pictures, but this accidental one of a boy flailing his sign in front of me while i was catching some fab photos, sticks out to me. One, because it was a clever use of words, and also because in all the pictures i took, this one explains the day perfectly.

In 2008 i was lucky enough to be in the city to watch the Celtics beat the Lakers and win the championship that year. That was an experience all its own.. with a lot of drunk crazy people throwing trees (yes, trees) and breaking window fronts of businesses all around the city, especially in the Garden area. It was exciting to feel like you were apart of history.. another championship.

Experiencing a parade, however, was capital A. Amazing. I mean, i wasnt all wild like when the Celtics won, but it was different. A different kind of crazy. It probably helped that i had a fantastic spot, seeing as i was there over 2 hours before the parade started.. and even then, i got lucky. Either way.. being able to see the players.. THIS close! and knowing for a fact that they see you too.. it was amazing! i have goosebumps thinking about it! it was like feeling for a moment,  that we’re all friends.. like im gonna meet up later and we’re gonna chat about how heavy the cup is, or what their summer plans are. Being able to see real reactions, the real people they are, even for a moment, was breathtaking. Almost unbelievable.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. The traffic, the walking, the crazy people, its all worth it.

Go Boston!

till my next useless thought..


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