GleeK fo’ life!

m just going to start this with saying.. last night was one of the most fun concerts ive been to in a long time.

no, it was not jimmy buffet, or kenny chesney, or even bon jovi.. although ive been to all those before, and they were all amazing mind you.. but this was no ordinary concert, it was GLEE! 😀
(ill be randomly giving highlights of my evening, and many of it may not make any sense..)
as many of you know, im a HUGE fan. maybe not so much the wild, obsessive, teenage-like fan, (or maybe i am?) but im a HUGE fan nonetheless. i keep buying songs all over the place and have my own glee playlist on my itunes with my faves. this has prob cost me more than just buying the albums.
im in love with cory monteith. and can i just tell you, when mark salling started singing “fat bottomed girls” and cory was on drums.. i think i passed out for about 30sec then squealed like a 15yr old when i came to.
i also have a new found love for many other cast members that i didnt have before. i mean i love the whole cast obvi, but you always have your faves.. i have a lot more faves now. kevin mchale for example, i dont know what happened to me but.. amazing i tell you! i fell in love. probably too, because im watching him perform live and all the while, in the back of my mind, im reminiscing about when he was the pizza boy on The Office. love it! also too darren criss.. wow. i love him on the show.. but his performance, (like many last night) was capital A Amazing. and heather morris was (unexpectedly for me) in so many of the dance routines.. her performances were phenomenal. seeing anything live is such an experience especially with choreography. good thing i stopped singing.. i think i may take up dancing.
my favorites didnt let me down.. lea michelle (rumor or no rumor with the cast disliking her or whatever the jibberish.. i will always love her!) cory monteith, chris colfer, dianna agron, mark salling.. were fantastic and i just loved being able to hear them live. not that i thought they couldnt sing, its great to see real talent out there without all the auto-tune and tricks.
the only thing that was a little disappointing, and i stress.. little, was that they did not take location under consideration. im not sure how the other shows were obvi, but being in boston, like any other major city, you think they would have sang “sweet caroline” instead of say, “empire state of mind”. and cory is clearly a canucks fan, and not even one joke was out there seeing as how the bruins are in the stanley cup finals with them. i guess to put it in simple terms, i didnt feel any personalization compared to other artists i have seen live. i get that not everyone is a boston fan, but i feel artists should be considerate of their fans.
and again, this was a ‘little’ disappointing. i say ‘little’ because i stressed my concern to my lovely friend who was brave enough to come with me to this fabulous show, and she didnt even blink before responding with something along the lines of “well they are a show, kara, so they are probably keeping it to that idea”. i had a small aha moment and totally understood, i mean they were all in character the whole show. but i just had that urge to express my useless concern hahaha 🙂
so all in all.. one of the best times i had at a show in a while. i sang along, screamed like a school girl, and felt like a real fan for once! sounds stupid i know, but ive been to many concerts and not all of them am i able to jam out the whole show.. either my foot was tapping or i caught myself rocking out like i was in my car. you know youve been to see someone live, and you sang along.. and it was still a great show, but you were not emotionally invested. i really felt like i was 10yrs old again and seeing nkotb for the first time.. except i am obvi not 10yrs old, so i was able to contain the tears.. and some of the screaming. so either i am a crazy, obsessive fan, or they did a phenomenal job. my friends would probably shoot for the former rather than the latter, but whatever.
so if anyone can pass along to the Glee people (like they care).. think about touring under your own names! 🙂 with cory on drums obvi.. and sing sweet caroline when youre in boston 🙂 just saying.. ❤
till my next glee moment..

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