a little bit of Boston history..

In two weeks, Glee rocked my socks off.. and history was made in the city of Boston.
No, not because i was closer to Cory Monteith (on that fateful Tuesday night in June), than i will probably ever be again, but because our very own Boston Bruins defeated Monteiths hometown Canucks to win the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1972.  As much as it saddens me to know Cory must have been thoroughly upset, and seeing the vancouver fans annihilate their own city.. esp because, if i can note, im not even a huge hockey fan.. the Celtics are my boys, but i have friends who are die hard Bruins fans, still even with that said, i was once again proud to be a Boston fan.
Now, Ive seen several championships in the past 10 years.. seeing as how Boston has won 7: Patriots: 3, Red Sox: 2, Celtics: 1.. and now the Bruins.. but in all that time and excitement, i never got to experience a parade. Until now.
I have several pictures, but this accidental one of a boy flailing his sign in front of me while i was catching some fab photos, sticks out to me. One, because it was a clever use of words, and also because in all the pictures i took, this one explains the day perfectly.

In 2008 i was lucky enough to be in the city to watch the Celtics beat the Lakers and win the championship that year. That was an experience all its own.. with a lot of drunk crazy people throwing trees (yes, trees) and breaking window fronts of businesses all around the city, especially in the Garden area. It was exciting to feel like you were apart of history.. another championship.

Experiencing a parade, however, was capital A. Amazing. I mean, i wasnt all wild like when the Celtics won, but it was different. A different kind of crazy. It probably helped that i had a fantastic spot, seeing as i was there over 2 hours before the parade started.. and even then, i got lucky. Either way.. being able to see the players.. THIS close! and knowing for a fact that they see you too.. it was amazing! i have goosebumps thinking about it! it was like feeling for a moment,  that we’re all friends.. like im gonna meet up later and we’re gonna chat about how heavy the cup is, or what their summer plans are. Being able to see real reactions, the real people they are, even for a moment, was breathtaking. Almost unbelievable.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. The traffic, the walking, the crazy people, its all worth it.

Go Boston!

till my next useless thought..


GleeK fo’ life!

m just going to start this with saying.. last night was one of the most fun concerts ive been to in a long time.

no, it was not jimmy buffet, or kenny chesney, or even bon jovi.. although ive been to all those before, and they were all amazing mind you.. but this was no ordinary concert, it was GLEE! 😀
(ill be randomly giving highlights of my evening, and many of it may not make any sense..)
as many of you know, im a HUGE fan. maybe not so much the wild, obsessive, teenage-like fan, (or maybe i am?) but im a HUGE fan nonetheless. i keep buying songs all over the place and have my own glee playlist on my itunes with my faves. this has prob cost me more than just buying the albums.
im in love with cory monteith. and can i just tell you, when mark salling started singing “fat bottomed girls” and cory was on drums.. i think i passed out for about 30sec then squealed like a 15yr old when i came to.
i also have a new found love for many other cast members that i didnt have before. i mean i love the whole cast obvi, but you always have your faves.. i have a lot more faves now. kevin mchale for example, i dont know what happened to me but.. amazing i tell you! i fell in love. probably too, because im watching him perform live and all the while, in the back of my mind, im reminiscing about when he was the pizza boy on The Office. love it! also too darren criss.. wow. i love him on the show.. but his performance, (like many last night) was capital A Amazing. and heather morris was (unexpectedly for me) in so many of the dance routines.. her performances were phenomenal. seeing anything live is such an experience especially with choreography. good thing i stopped singing.. i think i may take up dancing.
my favorites didnt let me down.. lea michelle (rumor or no rumor with the cast disliking her or whatever the jibberish.. i will always love her!) cory monteith, chris colfer, dianna agron, mark salling.. were fantastic and i just loved being able to hear them live. not that i thought they couldnt sing, its great to see real talent out there without all the auto-tune and tricks.
the only thing that was a little disappointing, and i stress.. little, was that they did not take location under consideration. im not sure how the other shows were obvi, but being in boston, like any other major city, you think they would have sang “sweet caroline” instead of say, “empire state of mind”. and cory is clearly a canucks fan, and not even one joke was out there seeing as how the bruins are in the stanley cup finals with them. i guess to put it in simple terms, i didnt feel any personalization compared to other artists i have seen live. i get that not everyone is a boston fan, but i feel artists should be considerate of their fans.
and again, this was a ‘little’ disappointing. i say ‘little’ because i stressed my concern to my lovely friend who was brave enough to come with me to this fabulous show, and she didnt even blink before responding with something along the lines of “well they are a show, kara, so they are probably keeping it to that idea”. i had a small aha moment and totally understood, i mean they were all in character the whole show. but i just had that urge to express my useless concern hahaha 🙂
so all in all.. one of the best times i had at a show in a while. i sang along, screamed like a school girl, and felt like a real fan for once! sounds stupid i know, but ive been to many concerts and not all of them am i able to jam out the whole show.. either my foot was tapping or i caught myself rocking out like i was in my car. you know youve been to see someone live, and you sang along.. and it was still a great show, but you were not emotionally invested. i really felt like i was 10yrs old again and seeing nkotb for the first time.. except i am obvi not 10yrs old, so i was able to contain the tears.. and some of the screaming. so either i am a crazy, obsessive fan, or they did a phenomenal job. my friends would probably shoot for the former rather than the latter, but whatever.
so if anyone can pass along to the Glee people (like they care).. think about touring under your own names! 🙂 with cory on drums obvi.. and sing sweet caroline when youre in boston 🙂 just saying.. ❤
till my next glee moment..

just a thought.

so, ive been racking my brain on what to write about next.. honestly, with all the random things in my head recently, many of you would have unsubscribed by now if i had just thrown those thoughts down. however, just when i sit down to write about something i find interesting or meaningful.. twitter, yes twitter, enlightened me.

i saw a post from a friend of mine with a link http://is.gd/h9mubb and this link led me to a page written by a nurse who explained the 5 most common regrets people have when they are dying. i know, sorry to put this thought in all your heads, but it gets better. WE, who are reading this, (and others you might make read this), WE can still live the life we wont regret. of the 5, two stick out to me. mainly because the other three i feel like im able to do on a daily basis (many know that i do NOT work too hard! :))

but these two, especially the number one regret, really hit home.

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

i see these two regrets as kind of a circle, so i was surprised to see one at the top and the other at the bottom. but that #1.. took my breath away, really. i still read it and get a feeling that i just wanna run off and change the world in all the crazy, wild ways i can think of. of course we will all interpret these regrets a little differently but really, i know SO MANY PEOPLE! who are living just based on expectations. and let me tell you, i will be showing this to them! 🙂

and of course, i myself fall into a struggle of living based on expectation and what is true to me. and again, it will be different for all, but i feel as though one of these expectations everyone tries to follow is relationships. for me and many of my friends, young and old, relationships take over everyones lives. and many times, we dont follow those instincts based on what we are looking for, we first try and follow the expectations of others. (go to school, get a job, get married, have kids.) and if and when this relationship fails, we feel as though we have failed. but really, do we ever sit down and think about it? were we actually happy? or were we just comfortable. were we even ready to start dating? or did we do it because everyone else thought it was a good idea to get me out of the house?! i mean i know some wonderful people in wonderful relationships, and those that are amazing, you can just feel the energy radiating off these people. not because they were lucky, but because they took the time to find out what really matters to them and did not compromise based on what society or family and friends thought. and really, what if you never went to school? are you disqualified in life?! what if you dont even like your job?! are you still “better” than your neighbors because at least youre getting paid more?!

this brings me to #5. these people are genuinely happy. those wild people out there who thought college was for crazy people and decided to save tsunami victims instead, the 40 yr old who decided that now is a good time to start a family because they finally know who they are themselves, or even Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote Eat, Pray, Love, to wake up at 30, with a family and what most would think an amazing life, and figure out that there is something out there calling to her. these people, who overstep the boundary a little, or a lot, are able to see beyond  expectation. these people allowed themselves to be happy. read that again. ALLOWED themselves. Right. they didnt wait for it to happen, they made it happen. just like #5 reads: i wish i had LET MYSELF.. let myself.. you can let yourself be happy. its you that makes it happen. not anyone else, or anything. i know for a lot of people, youre thinking, yah ive heard that before. well then, if thats the case, youre being lazy! happiness is what you make of it. like i said in a previous blog. do something every day that scares you. you will find new things about yourself and others. maybe you will break an expectation.

and i know in our lives right now it is difficult, the economy, the end of the world, natural disasters.. there are a lot of factors that make us weary. but just as these people who have already passed, who expressed these ideas to be regrets.. they mentioned them for a reason, and they stated them the way they did, for a reason. “..I’D had the courage..” “..I had LET MYSELF..”  they obviously wanted someone to learn from them. whether it be the nurse who wrote the column, or us.. who still have this chance. dont listen to the excuses, listen to your heart. and by all means, i am no wonder woman, im having just as hard a time as anyone. i have my bad days, i mope and complain. for me its baby steps.. breaking down the expectations a little at a time.. doing the things that make ME happy.

and just as a disclaimer: remember.. making yourself happy does not always mean be selfish. when you live to your true self, and not of expectation, you are also affecting those around you.. and when you are happy, it makes a positive impact.

When we are able to follow ourselves and our calling, we are happier people. we believe in everything we do. we may not always make our parents happy or even our friends, but they will always love us. or we hope so! (but that is for a whole other blog!)

..and when others see from us what is capable of life, hopefully they will look to do the same. we should learn for those who were not able to do what WE CAN do.