yesterday, today, or tomorrow?

hello world!

While driving this morning and soaking in the glorious sun, I smelled something amazing.. asphalt! or tar, or whatever its called when they re-pave parking lots. I even posted on my facebook how amazing I think it smells! The smell reminds me of summer, yes, but more so, it reminds me of home. I was racking my brain on why every summer this distinct smell reminded me of LA.. and it clicked today. It was my old school. I went to a small private school in Gardena, CA and when they would re-do the parking lot, that’s what it smelled like.. I remember church events, and carnivals, and walking to school. I remember there was a dairy freeze (if I remember the name correctly) and my friends and I would go there after school for now and later candy.. amazing I tell you..

Anyway.. bringing us back to 2011.. last night I watched the season finale of Glee (I know some of you were waiting for this connection) and as much as I love singing and dancing on a daily basis.. especially at work and when there’s clapping involved.. I really love this show and how, once again, it brings me back to my childhood. I moved right before high school to a lovely little town in NH. through jr. high and the 4 glorious years of high school, I sang in choir. Mind you, I was more of a Birttany in class rather than a Rachel, but all the same, we had shows, traveled for performances (we sang at Epcot one year) and even had an adjudication in NY.. we saw Miss Saigon and every thing while in the city. After high school, I had a small stint in an acapella choir in college, but after a few months, decided to focus more on volleyball (yah I did that too.. im from SoCal, what did you expect?!) and classes. Thinking about it now.. I probably never should have dropped choir. I could have been on Glee myself, as the token half-asian-volleyball-playing-alto!

Hahaha we can all dream, of course, but I guess my point in all of this is: One, my mind wanders wildly during the day (because seriously, I was thinking these things all morning in the sunlight) and Two, it’s funny how so many things.. even something as little as a parking lot.. can trigger fabulous memories from the past. Everything we see and experience reminds us of where we came from. and it’s important to listen to that sense. It’s easy to get lost in all that is in front of us right now. I know this from experience, mainly because I feel like thats where i am now. A little lost. I have forgotten that dreams are meant to be followed not left behind.

So I guess I feel the need to remind everyone, and myself, that where we come from and what we have done, has brought us to where we are now. And where we are now, with the importance of where we came from, opens us up to where and what we want to be tomorrow..

till my next glee moment..


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