my first blog. ever.

note: this is my very first blog, ever. so i apologize in advance if it doesnt make sense. or if it says too much!
“do one thing every day that scares you” – eleanor roosevelt.
blogging is pretty scary. people out there, reading your thoughts and ideas. being able to manipulate those thoughts and ideas. and even taking them out of context. eek!
but a lovely friend of mine recently gave me this scary challenge as a start to once again live free, and follow my dreams. and that, quite frankly, is also very scary.
so here i challenge all of you.. yes, the two, possibly three of you who are reading this right now. if i have to do this, you should too! do something that scares you. big or small, touch dirt, hold your breath longer than you think you can (but try not to pass out) make friends with a stranger, train for a marathon, give a dollar to that person holding the “homeless with 5 kids” sign. go sky diving, get a tattoo! jump on stage at your favorite concert (i would totally do that at a Glee live show :)) learn a new language, try a new hobby, just do something that scares you!
with all this talk of the end of the world lately, as much as i believe it or not, we have no idea what tomorrow brings so what can it hurt? all that will come of it is a new experience, an answer, and possibly a new view on life. and no matter your beliefs, you will live in, and leave this life being able to show the world that there really is, nothing to be afraid of.
till my next thought.. cheers!

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